“A few years ago I felt guilty because I wasn’t very good about putting flowers on Mother’s and Daddy’s graves. I thought how nice it would be if there was someone who would do that for me, for a fee of course. I would definitely hire them.


About the same time, I saw a photo of their headstone online. It had one faded and dirty rose in the vase. I felt terrible and thought there were surely other people that felt as I did and would want the graves of their parents, children, grandparents, and spouse to always look like someone cared. Surely, I was not the only person that felt that way.


I know how busy everyone is and how hard it is to find time to pick out flowers, make the arrangement, take them to the cemetery and then make sure they are removed before becoming faded and ugly. In addition, many people live out of town and that makes it even more difficult to keep gravesites looking their best, and that someone is taking care of them.


My daughter and I want to help make this easy for others so we decided to provide a service that was enjoyable and convenient for everyone. We offer silk floral arrangements to be delivered to any cemetery in the East Texas area.”

                                                                                                                          —Mary Jane West   


Mary Jane West and Rebecca West are co-owners of Softy and Tenderly.

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